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To be ahead of the competition takes skill not luck.


You need an extensive knowledge and understanding of the UK property market and the ever-increasing difficulty of generating usable property leads from either national or local advertising.


With Vimark Solutions’ experience and expertise you get exactly this. So by letting us help you construct a systematic marketing campaign you will benefit from not only a higher return on investment but more leads leading to more deals for every pound spent.


The ways we can help you are as follows...

Marketing Help, Training and Seminars



  Help on layout, design and copy and where to target.



  Help on creating an ad that punches above its weight and stands out in the



PPC (Pay-per-Click)

  Simple yet effective tips and strategy for maximising your online campaign.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  Simple yet effective tips and strategy for maximising your online campaign.


Split-testing (Advertising efficiency)

  Essential monitoring and testing of various marketing types and strategies to   

    ensure constant maximum effectiveness.


Seminars / Training – online & offline

  - General marketing

  - Speaking with experts

  - HMOs / Multi-Lets


Internet Marketing

 - Seminars on Internet marketing

 - Ideas and tips on successful marketing

 - How to build an internet marketing cash-flow to help your property

   portfolio grow.

Property Lead

Generation Services


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& Training



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