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Last updated: 1st January 2008


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(A) We provide a service to people who wish to sell their property quickly and have the opportunity of introducing buyers to investors including investors who belong to an investor club.


(B) This Agreement regulates the terms on which we is prepared to introduce sellers to you, whether you are an individual investor or an investor club.  The terms set out below are the terms that we and you agree will apply in the event of we introducing a seller to you for your own investment purposes or for purposes of investment by a member, owner or officer of an investor club.



Agreed Terms:


1. Definitions and Interpretation


1.1 Interpretation


Headings in this agreement are for guidance only and they do not form part of the agreement for interpretation purposes.


This agreement will be interpreted solely in accordance with English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts of law.


Reference to a particular gender includes other genders unless expressly stated otherwise and reference to the singular includes the plural and vice versa.


All parties acknowledge that before signing this agreement they have made sure that any important warranty, representation or condition made prior to the date of this agreement (including any prior existing agreement) have been expressly incorporated into this agreement and therefore they agree that any prior representations, warranties or agreements will no longer have effect once this agreement becomes effective.


1.2 Definitions


“Introduction Schedule” means a schedule confirming details of an introduction made to you by We in the blank form attached;


“sale”  means any transaction whereby a seller of a property agrees either to sell all its interest in the property or to grant a long lease (here meaning over 21 years) of the property or enters into an unconditional agreement to do so.


2. Sale Commission


2.1 If We introduces a prospective seller to you and the seller subsequently completes one or more sales of property to you (or, in the case of you being an investor club, to a member, owner or officer of the investor club) at any time within two years of the date of introduction, you will pay commission on the sale price of each property to We at the rate specified in the Introduction Schedule and, in the absence of any rate specified in an Introduction Schedule or of an Introduction Schedule at all, at the rate of 1.5% of the sale price of each relevant property up to 15% below-market-value.


2.2 These terms shall apply to all sale transactions made between a seller and you (or, in the case of you being an investor club, between a seller and a member, owner or officer of the investor club) during the two-year period from the initial introduction of the seller.


2.3 Nothing in this agreement will oblige us to make introductions to you.


3. Payment Terms


3.1 You will pay the commission due to We within the 7 days of:


3.1.1 (where you are an investor club and charge commission to investors) receipt of its own commission from the investor making the purchase of the property from the relevant seller;


3.1.2 (where you are an investor or an investor club where no commission is charged for any reason) within 7 days of completion of the relevant transaction.


3.2 Where you are an investor club that makes a commission charge to an investor for the introduction of a seller, you agree to use all reasonable efforts to procure payment by the relevant investor including, if payment has not been secured within 90 days of the due date, taking legal proceedings against the relevant investor unless, in the opinion of reasonably experienced counsel, you have little or no reasonable prospect of recovery of the monies or the relevant investor has been adjudicated bankrupt or, in the case of a body corporate, is in liquidation.


3.3 Where you are an investor club that makes a non-refundable charge or deposit for introducing sellers to investors you agree to apply all such monies (or such part of it as will cover the full amount due to We where such payment exceeds the relevant commission) towards the commission due to We on the due date irrespective of whether the relevant investor has paid the balance due to you by that date.


3.4 Any overdue monies shall bear interest at the rate of 8% above the prevailing base rate of National Westminster Bank PLC.


4. Confidentiality


4.1 In this agreement “Confidential Information” shall include all information which is now or may at any time in the future be in the possession of a party and which relates to its actual or proposed business activities, finances and potential sellers of property and potential investors. The term Confidential Information shall not apply to information which:-


4.1.1 is already in the possession of the recipient party before its disclosure by the other;


4.1.2 is in the public domain at the time of disclosure or subsequently comes into the public domain through no fault of the recipient party;


4.1.3 is lawfully disclosed to the recipient party by a third party who, so far as the recipient party is aware, was not under an obligation of confidentiality in respect of the information.


4.2 Each party agrees to use the Confidential Information it may receive at any time solely for the purposes of the introducing property sellers to potential investors pursuant to this agreement and not for any other purpose whatsoever.

4.3 Each party agrees to treat all Confidential Information as being strictly private and confidential to take all necessary steps to protect it from being disclosed to any third party (save for members where you are an investor club) other than as required by law or any regulatory authority.

4.4 Each party agrees to ensure that Confidential Information is only disclosed to those employees, agents, contractors and members of the recipient party as is necessary under this agreement and to notify (and to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance by) all such employees agents, contractors and members receiving Confidential Information of the terms of this clause 4.

4.5 Each party agrees to keep all documents and materials containing Confidential Information in a safe and secure place and not to copy or allow to be copied any such documents or materials and to return on request by the disclosing party all such documents and materials.

4.6 The delivery of documents and materials containing Confidential Information shall not amount to a licence in favour of the recipient to use copy or in any other way deal with the Confidential Information or any related documents and materials.

4.7 This Agreement is binding upon the parties and their associated companies and associates (as defined by the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988), and the successors and assignees of the parties and their associated companies and associates and you agree to ensure that where you are an investor club you will not disclose to any member any Confidential Information including but not limited to the details of any proposed seller until the member has entered into a legally binding agreement to observe the terms of this clause 4 and in particular not to disclose the name of any proposed seller to a third party.

5. Relationship Management


5.1 You agree to keep us regularly and fully informed about the progress of any transaction and to secure such a commitment to keep us informed from all investors where you are an investor club.


5.2 You agree that we may on 7 days’ written notice attend your premises and inspect your records to enable us to verify commission entitlement and payment.  If on such an inspection we ascertain any material under-declaration or underpayment of commission you agree to bear the cost of our inspection.


6. General


6.1 You may not assign this agreement at any time.


6.2 This agreement forms the whole agreement and any prior agreement is superseded by it.  Any prior representations upon which either party is depending are expressly excluded save to the extent they are included in this agreement or were fraudulent.  This agreement may not be varied without the written consent signed by duly authorised representatives of each of party.


6.3 If for any reason any term or condition is held unenforceable, it will be severable from any other restrictions which remain in full force and effect.


6.4  If either of party does not fully enforce any rights under this agreement at any time, it will not prevent that party from doing so later in respect of a particular breach or any future breach.


6.5 Any notice served pursuant to this agreement must be in writing, addressed to one of us at the relevant last known address and sent by:


6.5.1 first class mail, in which case the notice will (if properly addressed) be deemed received (if posted on a working day) on the next working day or (if not posted on a working day) within two working days; or


6.5.2 by email or fax, in which case the notice will (if properly addressed) be deemed received immediately if received before 5:30pm on a working day but if later, then on the next working day provided the notice is also posted by first class mail and properly addressed.


6.6 Neither party is responsible for any breach of this agreement insofar as that breach is a result of something beyond that that party’s reasonable control (as appropriate) but if that situation arises, whichever party is relying on this clause will do everything it reasonably can to overcome that problem as soon as possible.


6.7 This agreement is not intended to benefit anyone other than the parties to it.


6.8 In the event of a dispute which cannot be resolved between the parties, either party may refer the matter to mediation before instituting legal proceedings and to attempt in good faith to settle the dispute through mediation.


6.9 No relationship of partnership, joint venture or employment is intended to be created by this agreement.

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Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Our website is aimed primarily at the UK market and these terms and conditions will be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with English law and any disputes with us will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts of law.

Resolution of disputes
If a dispute arises under this agreement, you agree first to try to resolve it with the help

of a mutually agreed-upon mediator in London.

Any costs and fees other than legal fees associated with the mediation will be

Shared equally by each of us.