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We have written an initial series of books covering most of the aspects of this business of interest to our clients.


If you want to become a successful property investor, the User-Friendly How To Guides

library of books is for you.


Packed with tips and advice, these books are essential reading for the serious property investor.


Property has always been and still remains one of the most highly lucrative forms of investment. Regardless of any current market fluctuations it has proven to at least double in value every 10 years.


A money-making property portfolio is possible for anyone, as long as they are equipped with specialist knowledge of the marketplace.


At Vimark Solutions, our main ethos is to help property investors learn as much as possible at low cost, together with the various business strategies available within the market. Our single aim is to help you make money.


We have extensive knowledge of the property investment market and understand how difficult and ever-changing this market place is, and more so when you may be inexperienced or just starting out. It is difficult to know where to spend your money and who to trust.


We’ll show you what to look for, where to find it, and how to implement the strategies that will propel you to become a multi-million pound property investor.


This list of publications will change over time, so re-visit

often for the latest updates.



Getting Started

in Property

Raising Property Finance

Sourcing And Generating Below-Market-Value Property

10 Properties To Retirement

Copywriting And Marketing


“Your Own”

Property Team

Successfully Buying Below-Market-Value Property 2008 Edition

Successful Negotiation

Buying New Build Property

The Successful Mindset

Choosing The Best Property Club Or Mentor

The Sell And Rent Back Property



The Repossession Process


The Credit Crunch

Health & Nutrition For Your Success

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9 Easy Ways To

Make Big Money

From Property

9 Easy Ways